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Welcome to Killeline Nursing Home

Killeline Nursing Home
At Killeline Nursing Home we provide friendly caring staff, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our staff is chosen for their caring approach and not just for their experience and individual qualifications. Our staff comes with a broad skill mix which enables our service reach out into many different areas.

Most people imagine that care homes in the private sector are only for the wealthy, this is not the case. More than 70% of residents in care homes have all or most of their fees paid by their local authority.

Our Aim is to provide the highest quality care for all those who require our services. We strive to promote and preserve the independence and individuality of our residents. We will ensure that these services are delivered to the highest standard by our professional and committed team. Our main goal is to allow maximum ability to those with even the most minimum disability.

At Killeline Nursing we also embrace our core values which are:
  1. Enhance and prolong our clients quality of life
  2. Promote individuality and independence
  3. Observe ones individual dignity
  4. Promote a safe and friendly environment
Within our speciality unit we feel that:
  1. Everyone has the right to plan their own lives
  2. Everyone has the right to be at the centre of planning what is undertaken on
    their behalf
  3. Everyone has the right to be part of their community
  4. Everyone has the right to live the way they feel is correct for them